Fluxed In Now

photo: rob francis

We have now played in Hull at The North Atlantic Flux Festival. It was curated by John Grant. And what a good job he did of it.

City Hall in Hull was our venue. Very beautiful venue which deserved a stellar performance by us. The fun was there for us.
Thank you for having us.

We got nice mentions in The Times and The Guardian.
And indeed the festival it self.

“Former Sugarcube Einar Örn’s ear-bashing electronic provocateurs Ghostigital came offering earplugs, ranted about governments and left to rapturous applause.”
Dave Simpson The Guardian

“the Sugarcubes veteran Einar Örn Benediktsson brought a welcome blast of confrontational mischief as half of the techno-punk duo Ghostigital, who mixed dadaist rants with gnarly hooligan beats like rowdy cousins of Sleaford Mods.”
Stephen Dalton The Times

I then moved to the City Hall, where the evening opened with Ghostigital, an electronic duo who are more Sleaford Mods than Pet Shop Boys. Their set is much too short at an hour, and the seating layout doesn’t do any them any favours, but Einar Orn covers the whole stage, and venue, at one point jumping off stage to sit in an empty seat “to see what we sound like”, and on the set closer ‘Don’t Push Me’ he’s again in the audience running to the back of the hall and back. The electronic beats and bass by Curver Thoroddsen are embracing, and pull you in, add in the huge strobes and this is really something special. The audience clearly feel the same as they come back for an encore.
Zyllah Moranne-Brown

and this

photo: rob francis