Footage Unearthed

We were shifting through some footage archives and we unearthed a video recording of our first concert at the Icelandic Airwaves festival in 2002. The concert was at Iðnó. The members were Curver, Einar Örn, Elís Pétursson, Frosti Logason and Kaktus Einarsson. We have uploaded it to youtube and vimeo. This was the first concert… Read More Footage Unearthed

The 6″ Ghostigital Not My Government Is Ready

Ghostigital are releasing Not My Government on Lady Boy Records as a Limited Release. This is how LadyBoy describe it: Limited edition 6″ square one sided lathe cut vinyl. Side B is laser engraved with an artwork of Einar Örn. All records are numbered. This is a lathe cut record, for optimal listening make sure to add weight on… Read More The 6″ Ghostigital Not My Government Is Ready