Footage Unearthed

We were shifting through some footage archives and we unearthed a video recording of our first concert at the Icelandic Airwaves festival in 2002. The concert was at Iðnó. The members were Curver, Einar Örn, Elís Pétursson, Frosti Logason and Kaktus Einarsson. We have uploaded it to youtube and vimeo. This was the first concert… Read More Footage Unearthed

P2 Art’s Birthday Party in Stockholm

We venture out to the big world. We enter Stockholm on a Friday. 22nd of January 2016. And we play a concert. We have invited CM von Hausswolff to join us on stage for the concert. The concert is at P2 Art’s Birthday Party at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. Another experiment will take place. Again… Read More P2 Art’s Birthday Party in Stockholm

ghostigital’s Musings of Two Towers

Us partners in Ghostigital,  Einar Örn and Curver Thoroddsen will open an exhibition in Reykjavik on the 4th of November. We have worked together in Ghostigital for over 14 years but never before done an exhibition together. In this exhibition we will be exhibiting drawings and photographic works. The drawings I have done in the past… Read More ghostigital’s Musings of Two Towers