We Got The Beet

In our feet, how great are Stilluppsteypa? They ara amazing to watch and listen to.

We are in the legendary Studentakjallarinn or the studentcellar. Through the years it has been a place to go and sometimes listen to good music and drink cheap-er booze.


Now we are playing there! Stilluppsteypa take off in style, droning away lyrically par exellence.

FM Belfast strike the dansbeet uproot our dansfeet into the night. Disco?eque music, lovely atmosphere positive beyond.

Then we played. The New Elvis jopined us for this concert, took a break from his hefty world tour schedule. The concert was in Icelandic, back to the roots. Emphasis on the next level. Transcended upwards. Move on. New songs worked like a treat. Hard and tough. More new next week.

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