Words and Sounds from Sodoma

We have got a recording from the Sodoma Reykjavik available now from SoundCloud for your listening pleasures.

While you listen one can read a review from Reykjavik Grapevine which starts thus:


SHOTGUN REVIEW: Primus meets Blood Meridian’s Deadwood.

A LITIL SAGA: Drums. [first song] A caravan crosses the highlands. Weathered plywood sanded to slivers. Rust-rimmed wheels. Plod. Sturdy tilt. A heavy-eyed glassy-eyed angel skulks her doom through the audience. The <sshhh> of sand in windstorm. “The Heart.”

A caravan tilts through murk and then pops! And then pops to a halt and then pops its wagon-wares [second song] out full handspring layout! Curio-cabinet displays of bobbly-headed troll dolls, diabetic candy, Dali oliphants, sock puppets…” more

Lining up a gig in Vienna in June as part of The Morning Line