What Did Mr E Do?

This is fromMOJO who will have a full review in their next issue.

"Sub-zero Reykjavik was the venue for Friday night´s much-heralded Sugarcubes reunion. Playing for the first time in 1992, the Icelandic indie post-punks put on a thrilling show to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their first single Birthday and to raise funds for their non-profit-making label Smekkleysa.
Taking to the Laugardalshöllinn stage, the band’s set spanned the three albums studio they released in their four year recording history –namely 1988’s Lifes Too Good, ‘89’s Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week! and ‘92’s Stick Around For Joy.
Stuart Williams, MOJO’s man-on-the-spot, stated:

It was quite a remarkable set. Two decades on and these songs sound better than ever. Truly timeless. And the on-stage chemistry between Einar Benediktsson and Bjork was something to behold. It’s just a shame that it was a one-off.

The ‘Cubes’ set list reads as follows:Traitor, Leash Called Love, Deus, Water, Bee, Planet, Shoot Him, Walkabout, Mama, Pump, Regina, A Day Called Zero, Birthday, Coldsweat, Blue Eyed Pop, Motorcrash, and Delicious Demo. Encores consisted of Hit, F*cking in RhythmSorrow and Luftguitar. MOJO understands that the set was also recorded for posterity, although whether it will be released remains unclear.
For more news on Iceland’s most noble and altruistic label, Smekkleysa, visit www.smekkleysa.net"


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