What A Burning Sensation


This was the sight upon arrival in Iceland from Toronto this morning. Very descriptive of our trip to Toronto! :) Amazing and fun. Such a good Idea to fly direct to Toronto from Iceland.

We done 2 concerts at the Drake with Vitaminsforyou. The concerts were good. The Drake was very good place to play. Very interesting now with hindsight that we met many J people: JeffVH, Jeff2, Jeff3, John who took care of us, and Jenifer, who drove all the way from Buffalo, which is a bit amazing! Toronto was a bit like Reykjavik, vibrant, fun, cold, snowy but not miserable.

We are back now, and completing a Sirkus Requiem for release really soon. Just need to master it. As to our next album album, then we aim to finish it off in August. Adding guests to it and such in the next few months.