We Return From The USA

Ghostigital has returned from the USA, in one piece, and very happy. We should say in 5 piece as we were five in the band. We have done our 5 gigs in 6 days, with no loss of anything. Sanity was in place the whole excursion and we enjoyed it. Sensational joined us in New York in a monumental appearance and performance. Did we record it? Yes we did. And for the record: it will be on our live album.

Next weekend we are playing at the Reykjavik Trópík festival in Iceland, where we will perform most of our album In Cod We Trust. The venue is a tent, outside the University of Iceland. More festival appearances should materialize later in the week.



 Some of the images from the trip, in a car, in a venue, in a group: ElVis, Frosti, Magic, E and Curver, with a view.