There We Were

The Sunday was warm. Not too warm. We gathered together at X1 gate to get our passes. We arrived in a taxi, two of them. One pink the other black. We did not use a tour bus. We got escorted to the backstage. And started to set up our gear.

The XFM stage was good. We had time to kill before the concert, so being the peasants we are at heart we enjoyed the sunshine in Hyde Park. And we enjoyed the food.

Then -> concert time: 


 We played a good set. The audience was not many in numbers, but all fitted nicely into the tent. Kick of for the England game versus Equador was at 4pm and we played at 4.45pm, which does explain a little the lack of audience in our tent.

Curver looked for the knob on the delay and found it. MrE found the step and turned all red from heat, afterwards. We enjoyed it.