so what happened?

So what happened at icelandairwaves festival? we played 4 times over the festival. 1 airwaves gig and 3 off-venue gigs. That is the most we have done at this festival.

Our appearance at the festival also marked our 10th anniversary of playing this good festival.

To mark this we have gathered some links and comments for future references:

“Ghostigital was so unexpected and unpredictable, I was left with a goofy grin that I couldn’t wipe off my face for a long time.”
read more: Gemma Alexander 

“The rest of Ghostigital’s set was a haze of glitchy, heavy beats, distorted guitar, slam poetry, and paranoid madness, all with Einar, twitching in the center like the ringmaster of a digital nightmare circus. Bearing witness to this cyclone of darkness may cause you to question the stability of your own mind.”
read more: KEXP blog

” well as running the culture and tourism committee, Einar Örn has a electro punk band Ghostigital, who play on Saturday night and quickly stake their place as the best act of the festival. At 50, Örn is still a taut and charismatic figure – proclaiming simultaneously insurrectionary and surreal lyrics.”
read more: Clash Music 

“Spinning, noisy, hip hop-esque vocals at one point recalled something like early Wu-Tang, and at another seemed on the verge of collapsing, an echo-y and stuttering splatter of sounds that seemed to vibrate out of his body and fall onto the crowd. Clad in a white button up shirt, he looked more clean-cut cult leader than politician.”
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And now for a few videos from our concerts:

Off venue concert at Smekkleysa Record shop

ghostigital @ smekkleysa from ghostigital on Vimeo.

Rafwaves concert on the Sunday

ghostigital @ rafwaves from ghostigital on Vimeo.