Radium Is Out Now


We have been warning y’all about this release: Radium. It is out! Finally in all its splendour. Radium is very different from what we are known for: hardcore beat music. This is a different side to us, where we play with various aspects of sound/noise environment.

Joining us on this release is the mighty Finnbogi Pétursson, an artist extraordinaire, whom we respect and love working with. He is something different, and so is this release. Take a note from one listener:

“Coming out of tiny radios, distributed to the audience at the Art Museum last summer, it proved curious and beautiful to hear Ghostigital’s and Finnbogi’s great river RADIUM. But the river flowed by, never to be heard again. You don’t step into the same river twice, as they say.”
Bragi Ólafsson
It is available from Smekkleysa SM
We have a page dedicated to Radium.