Out Kexed And Back In

As we never got out of Norway, but we did! Very smooth trip and a good place Norway was. Met good people there.

Ghostigital are in concert on Sunday 20th of February in Perlan in Reykjavik.

Our concert is part of the Winterfestival. On the bill is also Steintryggur, aka Siggi Baldursson. He will be playing an extraordinary drumkit made of broadcast paraboles.

We will be inviting along DJ Magic, ElvisP, Kaktus, Mugison, Sjón, Alex McNeil and Stilluppsteypa.

The concert will start at 15.00 and finish 4 hours later at 19.00. We call the concert TheLastGasp.
The venue Perlan is built around 5 hot water tanks, and we will be using the acoustics of the house as a member of Ghostigital.

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