“Not Clean” Video and Gorillaz feat Ghostigital

How surprised can Ghostigital be? Very surprised. And what do we look like when we are surprised? We look like a box of skyr? No we look just surprised, one could write a question mark into our face. At least.

And we got a fantastic surprise when Kiki-OW sent us a video to "Not Clean". We want to share it.

This is the first "unofficial" video to "Not Clean" as seen and done by Kiki OW


This is the "Not Clean" video to download. It is in Quicktime format.

Gorillaz featuring Ghostigital

Monday 10th of April Gorillaz will release their new single  "Kids With Guns".
One of the extra tracks on the single is "Stop The Dams". This track features Ghostigital, and is in aid of Icelandic Nature.

Make sure that you get this track and the single.