Not Clean: Best Song

Ghostigital took away one honour at the Icelandic Music Awards last night with our song Not Clean. We are glad to have got that honour, excellent song off an excellent album.
We also got honoured with the export award from Reykjavik Loftbrú which is run by the fair city of Reykjavik, Icelandair and the support of the Musicians Union and the local industry.
Yes they definately want to get us out of the country more often. We have actually played over two thirds of our gigs abroad.
We managed to thank nearly everybody, we might have forgotten to thank the city of Reykjavík, we have done so now, but we are anyway thankful everyday for living in Reykjavik.
We also done a version of Northern Lights for Kastljós on RUV TV, and it is scheduled for Friday. Catch it on tv or on the Web, starts around 7.30pm GMT.
We leave you and us with these images: