Next Stop Berlin!


We have been finishing a special track with a poem by Dieter Roth for a release later in the year by Bayerishcer Rundfunk. The track will be premiered on the radio and then available on cd.

We head off to Berlin to play a concert this week at Ballhaus OST. The concert is on Thursday, 16th of March. We are looking forward to playing. We hear that central Europe is colder then Iceland so we are bringing our sleeping bags with. And resting indeed on Icelandair on the way over. They are our favourite airline, we can sleep all the way through. Wonderful! Or wunderbar!

In Cod We Trust is getting around and about now. Kicking in in the US with some playlist positioning. Some reviews are also trickling in, with SF Weekly and PopMatters  leading the way. We hear via the Internet that BBC6 and Radio One are playing tracks off the album. Wunderbar!