Mess Up Video & Swedish Review

Shooting video to MESS UP right now.
Found a brilliant swedish review which we will post when we have shot the video.

We have finished! And here is the review from Expressen in Sweden:
TRIPHOP Iceland has solved the demobilization of their mental healthcare in the very simplest of manners.

They convince their very toughest cases that they are artists and then just put them on the first plane to London.They have been doing that for ten years now.

You don’t believe me? Then you haven’t met Einar Örn, the hat-shelf that was so unbearably zany in The Sugarcubes that he made Björk seem healthy. -Then- you are zany. “You are not sound of mind, mr Örn” as the Icelandic saying goes. While barefoot-Björk was hunted by teddybears and started hanging with von Trier and Matmos, Einar grew all the more bitter. And zanier, of course.

On parole from the hospital he got a job in a bar home in Reykjavik. My guess is that this is the bar Damon Albarn owns. There cannot be any other explanation for Damon releasing Örns stupid triphop from 1995 on his until recently alltogether eminent label.

More unnecessary music than “Ghostigital” hasn’t been allowed to see the light of day since Peace, Love & Pitbulls screamed about a large hairy ape in your radio.

Can’t one of those Icelandic asadudes happen to routine-sacrifice Einar to some long forgotten weathergod or something?”
Well done! Like written out of our mind! :)

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