Ghostigital at Faktory

Last night we played Icelandairwaves Festival at Faktory.
On stage with us were Frosti, Gísli Galdur and Kaktus. We played 11 songs. Songs from our new album. This is a short clip from the concert.

Here is a live review of the gig for

The best electronic group I’ve ever seen. They threw everything but the kitchen sink into this performance and everything worked wonders. I’ve never said this: they sound like no one else. That’s right, 100% original. Not even Throbbing Gristle can touch these big swinging dicks. The spastic, cutting gestureshouts of Einar Örn Benediktsson skullfucked and lobotomised the IV dripping, docile crowd. If Ian Curtis were alive today, he would have taken notes on this crazy fuck. When I last took notice of Ghostigital, I was 19 and living in New Jersey. I missed their disrespectfully under-attended concert in Hoboken, and hugely regretted it. After their performance, I can remember why. These guys do something that no other group can: make the raucous shit smear of quickly cobbled together techno-garbage genre sound like the best music ever played. With a guitar player, it is utter perfection. This electrivolitile psychojazz, this testament to fuzzy warble spinning could have driven Malcolm McDowell insane all over again. Einar told me after the show that he thought Ghositigital were the best. He was right, they are. If you don’t like them, you genuinely are an imbecile. You can’t understand them. Hail Ghostigital, the best band for ever-ever.”