ghostigital at a glance #airwaves13

The concert at Reykjavik Art Museum went well. Our mixer kicked the dust in first song or so. Curver banged it and it worked again.
The ghostigity crew were, apart from Mr E and Curver, Hrafn, Kaktus, Gulli, DJ Magic and Tumi.

[edit 07.11.2013]

The electro-fury posse Ghostigital get a good one in Rolling Stone!

“The first thing I saw, aptly, was Ghostigital at the Smekkleysa record store. Einar Örn and his programming sidekick, Curver, were promoting a new compilation, The Anti-Matter Boutique (Smekkleysa), which includes two remixes of Björk. Einar was a founding poet-provocateur of Eighties Icelandic punk, the scene that eventually spawned the Sugarcubes; he hasn’t changed his stripes. At the store, Einar fired his chants and harangues with undimmed vigor and dare, wearing a Mexican wrestler’s mask, against Curver’s scouring electronics. During a fuller set at the Reykjavík Art Museum Einar fronted an enlarged group including two saxophonists blowing some Albert Ayler through the lurching, digital squall. Einar is a pillar of Icelandic subversion; I can’t imagine Airwaves without him or paying my annual respects.”

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