Feel Like Foreign Land

It is warm here, and we feel like it is a foreign land. The atmosphere is humid, crickets sound. This I only associate with foreign land. Foreign land vs homeland makes it a different experience. Unfamiliar with this type of weather makes this foreign and I get the feeling that I travelling, heh! And and this I realise with the 9th concert in a row ahead.

I have a thing about restrooms. Everytime I go into one I find no place to rest. Just a room full of toilets, urinals and towels. Nothing to rest in or on. Strange.

Tonight Curver met Stephen Nichols, whose only crime was he played guitar and Curver had met previously in Iceland @ the Airwaves festival.
Without further thought he was enlisted to do the guitar 10 minutes before the gig. He did well. The concert was good. We get better all the time, in inglis.


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