einar ghostigital into London.

Einar Örn will be playing at the Bad Taste evening in London on the 4th of June. He will be joined onstage with curver, kaktus, elis and ódinn. they will be playing tunes of the forthcoming album ‘ghostigital’.
The concert is part of Badtaste anniversary, for more information here
is the press release from Badtaste:

Lobster or Fame @ the SPITZ GALLERY in London
Decades of Bad Taste Ltd.
Thu 5 – Mon 16 June
Smekkleysa SM widely known as Bad Taste SM Ltd, the record label that
launched The Sugarcubes, Reptile, Ham, Maus, Björk, Sigur Rós
and Mínus, celebrates Icelandic music and culture at The Spitz
Gallery ˆ element 3 with a blend of photography and music. Lobster or Fame is a collage of the label’s history, displaying posters, record sleeve designs and photos that capture an apparent naïve joy and vibrancy. Historically significant, the
little known photographic images weave into the creative core of a label
whose anarchic and quirky spirit has produced extraordinary artists and made a lasting mark on both the Icelandic music and art scene as well
as having a considerable impact further afield.

Bad Taste host two nights of music at the Spitz on the 3rd and 4th
of June featuring the inimitable Einar Örn and his electrifying
crew of noise mongers, playing tunes from his forthcoming album ‘ghostigital’.
soundsters from ‘the House of BT’ are Maus, Ske and many more. Please see the SPITZ homepage page for more details.

A truly informative and tasteless 64pp catalogue is published in connection with the exhibition. There you will find rare photographs from the infamous Bad Taste Evenings of the ’90s, sleazy details about its famous members
and inside information on people you have never heard of – and to top ourselves we have included a never before seen picture of a poet with a dried cod sticking out of his fly.

And in case you wish to drag your lazy selves over there, the address is:
The Spitz Gallery – element 3
109 Commercial Street
Old Spitalfields Market
London E1 6BG