Did They Really Say That?

What did we say, us boys in Ghostigital? And are you to believe them? These Questions will surely be answered in the online digizine ChaosControl. We did this interview in Hoboken last month. That day we did our last concert in the states, before returning to Iceland. And this is the interview!

Our next move will be to perfect the right turn left foot left. After that we head out to London at the end of the month. on the 25th of June, to do Wireless Festival in London. We are playing at 4.25pm on the XFM stage.  

New Remix of Northern Lights by Hairdoctor Released

Watch this space here for the remix of Northern Lights. Ready in a few hours. [edit] And here is the groovey new remix, hot from the presses and making everything crazy in the town of Reykjavik at the moment.
Go for download