Can They Pull It On/Off? What?

welcome to our concerts

Ofcourse their pullovers. In Reykjavik spring is nearly here, with snow still coming down. So pull overs have been neccssary for us.

We opened up a new play here on the beach of Reykjavik last night, the beach is called Ylströndin in Nauthólsvík. Yl means Warm. Get it? Fantastic play, and our music treatment fabulous, ofcourse.

We have a gig in Reykjavik on the 12th of May at the opening of Word Music festival. This time around the theme is polypoetry. We will have a new song to play, based on the Icelandic lyrics of In Cod We Trust, as we sung it in Icelandic aswell.

Speaking of Icelandic: We did a concert in Reykjavík with GusGus last December. We recorded and Árni Sveins has done an edit for us of 4 tracks from the concert. The concert is in Icelandic as we use Icelandic in Iceland. Please be our guests and check out the concert footage in the video section. Or click this NASA word!

The gigs are now official for this month. Taka a look to your right!  LA on the 18th, SF on 19th and 20th and NY for the 22 with Nw Jersey on the 23rd. Yes.