We were surprised when we got to Bruxelles. We got off the train and headed into the city. We expected sunshine, but got thunder, a thundering welcome. We met PONI with whom we were playing these events.


The location for the first concert was under the railway, at Recyclart HQ. PONI delivered an interesting set of many moods and emotions. We had on our hands a task, as it was the first time we have played live as a three piece band. We invited Rudolphe and Guðni from PONI to join us for a song or two, which they did. And a special appearance by Gabríela.


We managed to work our way through our set, creating yet another different ghostigital sound. Made us smile.


The second concert was at a grand opening of a gallery. We joined PONI for their set. And joined one of the strongest opening performances to be seen.


We returned to Iceland on the famous Monday, pleased with the trip, glad to have met PONI and thankful for those involved. Now we will get on with editing our live album…before we go to the Faroe Islands.