and what iceblah said about sonar

photo: iceblah
“Ghostigital’s set was excellent, of course it was. It was a shame that it started in front of such a sparse room, luckily the noise (oh the noise) drew a decent crowd in pretty soon. This is something Sonar had in common with Airwaves and Icelandic nightlife generally – not much is busy until at least 10pm. This was the first of many sets to be conducted exclusively, or nearly so, in Icelandic. Fair enough too, these are Icelandic people in Iceland – I guess I’m so used to hearing English at Airwaves where the crowd is so much more international.

Of course, Einar makes most of his lyrics up on the spot so these were all Icelandic too. It doesn’t matter one bit to the overall effect, I just don’t get the jokes! Ghostigital triumph through that wondrous, thunderous alignment of beats, voice and extreme volume – Harpa passed the volume stress test that some other venues have failed. Highlights, if I’m coping without the English language prompts were Hovering Hoover Skates and Numb.”