óhæó and tólídó

We left the land of tomatoes to go to the land of “o”, as in Ohio. Our first here in the land of aviation we are told. Doubt that we will learn any different. Got one song Tire nearly finished in the car today.
Akron is in Ohio! Right! And we got a song called tire, cozmic? No not really.

Ghostigtal are said to be noisy, we can be at times, but not as noisy as fans. Fans can be too noisy and overwhelming much so you want to leave the room or even elevator. The fans are everywhere, and their presence with noise filling up every little bit of free space. I did go down to reception ask them if the fan in my room could be broken. They were going top check it.

Change of plan, the venue is called Headliners, it was changed a few days ago. When we came here we had a bikers meeting here: Christian Bikers or something. We might have an interesting night in front of us.



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