Chicago Last Night

We brought our message of cod and piece to the fair city of Chicago last night amid thunder and lazers. Got zapped up by the powers that be and had a swell time doing what we are doing.
Ghostigital returns to Iceland to play on Wednesday with Finnbogi Pétursson and to return to San Francisco and Vancouver to play with Björk.

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Together again
“As longtime fans may know, Einar Örn Benediktsson was the loud, obnoxious, seemingly non-musical character who led the Sugarcubes with Bjork, often inserting himself at the most inopportune moments to shout off-key or deliver a blast of gratingly harsh trumpet noise. Missing in action (at least in America) for a decade and a half, he has resurfaced with his abrasiveness undiminished as part of a two-man band called Ghostigital with producer, guitarist and electronics wizard Curver. They opened Saturday’s show.

As Curver delivered a punishingly loud electro-clash assault, Einar ranted and raved, prancing about the stage and sometimes bounding off it to stroll down the aisle, only steps behind a portion of the audience that ran for the shelter of the lobby to ride out the storm. Those of us who stayed were rewarded with a provocative performance in the great electronic-punk tradition of Suicide, making you think, laugh and surrender to the glorious noise and chaos, and reminding veteran Bjork-watchers of when she first started to fly her freak-flag high.”